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Vampire Slayers Newsletter January 2012

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Dear All:

Greetings!  Welcome back to Spring semester 2012!

Although we have been at rest for the holidays and Winter break,
Governor Brown has not, nor has the SF and SFSU Police, Bay Area Occupy
activists,and the Defend Public Education movement!

"The times, they are a changin'! Check recent SF Chronicle front page
headlines ! (or go to

"Support grows for Brown's tax hikes-68% of likely voters favor ballot
proposal, poll says"           (1/25/12)

"Occupy themes echo in president's state of the union speech- protests
citing economic inequality have changed the national conversation"
             (1/26/12 )

Be sure to mark your Calendar and tell your students that once again
there will be a Week of Action from MARCH 1st to 8th to Defend Public
Education Pre-K/K-12,California Community Colleges, CSUs and UCs.

Here's what you need to know:

Vampire Slayer Jan.30 2012 Update Contents:

1. Police raid on Malcolm X Plaza occupiers
2. California Budget Trigger Cuts
3. Tax Initiative to be on the Nov ballot
4. Occupy Action Against home foreclosures
5. Jan 20th Day long Occupy Action in SF Financial District
6. Jan 21st  AB 540 Educators Conference at SFSU Jack Adams Hall. 
7. National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners Feb 20, 2012

1. Police raid on Malcolm X Plaza occupiers

As soon as Fall final exams were over, Joseph Greenwald, Associate Dean of Students, 
Director of LEAD and administration-appointed liaison to SFSU Occupy, informed student 
occupiers at Malcolm X Plaza that there would be the elimination of their necessities,
such as electricity, very soon, urging them to vacate Occupy. After several meetings 
took place throughout the night, it was at 5am, December 21st, that approximately 50 
SFPD Riot Police moved in to confront and remove the Occupiers and dismantle their tents
in Malcolm X. Fortunately for the Occupiers, this dismantling took place with no
violence. To read an eyewitness account from one of our student Occupiers, see the attached article. 
2. California Budget Trigger Cuts

On Dec. 13th, Gov. Brown announced some, but not all planned mid=year
budget trigger cuts scheduled for implementation as part of the July
2011-12 budget deal if there was a 4 billion dollar shortfall in
anticipated revenues.  Some, but not all was result of increased
November revenues.  This revenue increase, however, did not alter the
dollar amount slated to be cut from  CSU and UC budgets-- 100 million
dollars each to the CSU and to UC are gone!.
3.  Governor Brown's Tax Initiative to be on the Nov 2012 ballot

In light of Sacramento legislative stonewalling on Monday, Jan 21st,
Gov. Jerry Brown  unveiled his plan to raise billions of dollars in new
tax revenue to aid public education and guarantee funding for local law
enforcement agencies that have taken over some state public safety duties.

The governor filed a ballot initiative with the attorney general that
would raise taxes on the top income earners in the state as well as
raise the state sales tax by half a cent. Both would expire in January

Brown warned of further cuts to state services if voters reject the
proposal in the election in November.


4. Occupy Action Against Foreclosures

The Occupy movement has taken on a new target - banks involved in
foreclosures as a result of the sub-prime mortgage crisis. On Dec 7th,
2011  Occupy Our Homes events took place nationwide in 20 cities
including Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose.  Protestors held marches,
demonstrated in front of banks and stood shoulder to shoulder in front
of targeted homes to  stop foreclosure actions.

More than 6 million homes have been seized by banks sine 2007 and 8
million more are likely to undergo foreclosure according to a Bank of
America report.
5. Jan 20th Day-long Occupy Action in SF Financial District

Occupy Activists got front page SF Chron headlines.  As part of a series
of national occupations, formerly SFOccupy has
regrouped from tent living in Justin Herman Plaze and re-assembled in a
series of non-violent mass occupation moving actions.

Protesters assembled at 6 am in Justin Herman Plaza and staged a day
long series of events at various locations in Financial District San
Francisco ending at the Federal Building for a 5 pm rally.

Jan 20th Demands included:

a.End corporate personhood,
b.Save our homes from evictions and foreclosures for profit and
c. Stop attacks on our democracy, education and livelihood.


6. Jan 21st  2012 E4FC Educator Conference, A Day for Educators and Allies of Undocumented Students
 at SFSU Jack Adams Hall. 

Keeping up the pace, SFSU hosted approximately 300 educators, students, and allies of undocumented 
students for a day-long conference on Saturday, Jan. 21 on the implications of AB 540, AB 130, AB 131 
(California Dream Act), legislation for assuring access and retention of undocumented students. Other
workshops concentrated on Legal Support, Supporting High School Students, Post-College Options, and 
Roadmaps to Successful College Enrollment.  

Coming Soon:  National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

Occupy Oakland will hold an event "Occupy San Quentin" to stand in
solidarity with the people confined within its wall and to demand the
end of incarceration as a means of containing those dispossessed by 
unjust social policies.

Details about March 1-8th 2012 Week of Action to Defend Public Education
to follow in the coming weeks.

In solidarity,

The Vampire Slayers Project
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