Get Involved

Get Organized for Collective Action! 

  • OCCUPY EVERYTHING: OccupySF, Occupy Oakland, Occupy SFSU 
  • AGAINST the Mandatory Early Start Program that would eliminate CSU remedial English and math, worsening the re-segregation of public universities--Access and Equity Task Force,   
  • FOR immigrant access to education and services:  Build for May 1 demonstration and stop HB56 in Alabama, denying education and services to undocumented people 
  • FOR Education, not Incarceration:  Sign on to the Budget for Humanity to invest in human development, not prisons, 
  • DEFEND Ethnic Studies in Arizona:
  • FOR Progressive Taxation:; Support the oil severance tax 
  • AGAINST U.S Military Spending: In 2011, military spending was $726 billion.. A movement is growing to bring the war dollars home.,

  • System-wide--; California Faculty Association; California State University Employees Union; Academic Professionals of California; Community College—California Federation of Teachers locals and  CSU--Students for Quality Education chapters on each campus; K-12—Teachers for Social Justice   
  • National: Rethinking Schools Alliance for Educational Justice,  American Association of University Professors  
  • International:  Tri-national Coalition to Defend Public Education,, meeting May 17-19.

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