Vampire Slayer Poster and Postcards

A. Vampire Slayers Fold Over Spring 2012

B. A. J. Trasviña (1988- 2009) 11" x 17" posters and postcards 

A.J. Trasvina, an up and coming SF street artist, AKA Rukus, spent much of his free time advocating 
for non-violence and helping others, especially homeless youth. He used his art in many creative and 
productive ways. On December 7th and 8th he spent two days making posters for his mom, Nicky Trasviña, 
a member of Vampire Slayers and a counselor at SFSU. The posters were used at the December 9th CCSF General 
Assembly. This was A.J.’s last work. A.J. died in his sleep on December 9th, 2009 at the age of 21. But A.J. lives 
through us, through his art. A.J. esta presente siempre!

C. Tax Postcard

D. CURB Prison Spending Poster


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Design by: Lisa Roth

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